Event Time Prediction: Unique Techniques of Jyotisha by A B Shukla and Ashish Sharma

Event Time Prediction (ETP) presents one of the most powerful technique for answering questions with the direct help of mother nature. This technique existed in ancient India since ages and was used by rishis, to resolve the problems of people who approached them for relief from their grief. This technique disappeared amongst the group of learned scholars for some thousand years and was available to only a select few, it has been passed onto the next generation directly by the Guru-Shishya tradition. This is revised and enlarged English version of Hindi book.

Shri A. B. Shukla, Hon. National President of ICAS (Indian Council of Astrological Sciences), has re-discovered this vanished ancient technique of rishi’s in the modern parlance. He has developed his own innovative method of prediction on top of the fundamentals laid down by the ancient scriptures, thus making it applicable in our present technological world. This book is an attempt to spread this divine science back amongst all the knowledge seekers of Jyotisha.

The fundamental principals of Event Time Prediction are based on Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad Geeta and is one of the spiritual branches of Jyotisha, which also includes the Shakun Shastra. Technically speaking Jyotisha is not just Astrology, but it is beyond it, although Astrology is taken as the english translation of Jyotisha but that is not correct. Astrology is more based on astronomical calculations and placement combinatorial analysis of planets. Jyotisha is a Vedang (limb of Veda) it also involves understanding of the deeper spiritual aspects of life along with predictions. So is the purpose of ETP, to take the learner on a spiritual elevation journey along with learning how to answer a question for prediction. This book will benefit all astrologers also along with general spiritual readers.

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