Prashna Marga in Astrology (Part 2) by Vijay Dubey

In case of doubt whether any prohibitive act has affected the sanctity of the temple, or the cause of the uncleanliness cannot be known, or if any doubt arises as to whether the consecration act is intended to destroy the divine presence Dev Prasanna should be relied upon, or if there is a commendable deed, a decrease in the income of the temple or for some unknown reason or an invisible indication that something is wrong.
If the Ascendant at the time of question is Leo, or has a vision of the Sun or is situated in the Ascendant or is in the Kendra from the Ascendant, then the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Shiva has become polluted. If the Ascendant is Taurus or the Moon is in the Ascendant or the Ascendant or the Moon is in the Kendra from the Ascendant, then the affected deity is Durga. If Mars is Equal is located, this is the wing; If the Ascendant is Scorpio and Mars is situated as above, then there is Bhadrakali; If the planet Saturn is involved then the deity is cheap. If the planet is Mercury, it is Vishnu. If it is Brihaspati then it means all the gods.
Venus has been removed. But Tai Rus and Libra can also be considered the positions of Venus. The deity here is Annapurna or Lakshmi. Here one can also consider the verses related to the deities given in Chapter XV.
Inauspicious results in 3rd or 8th indicate that the naivedya offered is impure. If the planet is Saturn, then what is offered is insufficient. If it is Mars then regular prasad is not made. Be it Rahu, Ketu or Gulik, then some dead animal matter has been mixed in Naivedya.
if an inauspicious planet is situated in the ninth house, it is believed that some misfortune has come upon the temple officials. The particular person involved should be traced from the inauspicious or the constellation occupied by its trident star. Similarly, the position of priests, servants, Devalakas etc. should be ascertained.

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