The Millionaire Stock Trader by Wong Y T

In The Millionaire Stock Trader Ecourse, Master Stock Trader, Wong Yee reveals his most profitable trading secrets that will allow any trader to make HIGH profits but at LOW risks.

This proven and tested methodology allows you to capture the maximum profits in any stock you trade with 90% accuracy. This methodology allows you to trade any stocks in any stock marketâ US, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. The application of this methodology is simple, easy and yet highly accurate. With this method, you will not make the following mistakes that made many traders lose money:

1) Chasing the stock price and buying the stock at a high price only to see it fall soon after

2) Selling too late and see their profits wipe out in front of their eyes

In addition, this strategy teaches you how to know a stock price has reached its low after it has fallen for a period of time. It shows you how to look for sign of a rebound and get into the stock and make money when the stock price start to rise. Coupled with the proven Mystic 7 Formula developed by master trader, Wong Yee, you will be able to project 5 price levels for you to sell the stock well…

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