Music of the Spheres by Wong Y T

During stock market crises, there are unexpected short term daily spikes exceeding 10%. There spikes are unexpected unless you have acquired the knowledge revealed in this book. The spikes discussed in detail are (1) 12.34% rise on 30 Oct 1929 during the Great Depression, (2) 10.15% rise on 21 Oct 1987 during the October Crash, (3) 11.08% rise on 13 Oct 2008 in the midst of the Financial Meltdown and (4) 10.88% rise on 28 Oct 2008 also during the Financial Meltdown. These huge rallies are created by sweet Music of the Spheres during times of depressed moods. It is not difficult to locate the exact dates of the celestial melodies should you possess the requisite tools. You are presented with a theory of economic dynamics only found in this book.

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