Numerology for Beginners: An Essential Guide to Numbers and Their Meanings, Divination, and Astrology (Methods of Divination) by Silvia Hill

Everything you ever wanted to know about Numerology, in one place.

Have you ever wondered how people can take a look at numbers and use them to predict what will happen in their lives?

Have you considered using numerology, but you don’t know where to start?

Would you like to learn the hidden secrets about how numbers shape your world?

Then look no further because this book covers it all.

In this book, you will:

  • Learn all about the mystery of numerology and how you can use this to advance in life
  • Discover the hidden meaning behind the numbers you keep seeing every day
  • Learn what the divine and angels are trying to tell you every time synchronistic numbers show up for you
  • Discover the wonderful three master numbers and the other power numbers
  • Learn about the ancient connection between numbers and the stars in our sky
  • Master how to figure out what your karmic debt is so you can repay it and live a fulfilling life
  • Discover how to figure out your life path number so that you can stop living in confusion and achieve your dreams
  • Learn the truth about your birthday number and how it brings you luck
  • Discover what your growth number can tell you about self-actualization
  • Uncover how to use numerology to achieve better success in business
  • Master quick and easy ways to find out if you and a lover are truly compatible
  • Learn the truth about how your given name and nicknames affect you

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