The Starry Rubric Seventeenth-Century English Astrology and Magic by Alexander Cummins

Seventeenth-century England was a turbulent place to live. It was a century of civil wars, regicide, food riots and plague – a time of millenarian prophets and threatening witches, of radical sects and experiments in Commonwealth.

It was a revolutionary period. The lifting of printing press censorships created a veritable explosion of printed materials: from popular almanacs and calendars to handbooks of do-it-yourself medicine, from vulgate Bibles to tomes of new, investigative natural philosophy and grimoires of occult science and ritual magic.

In the midst of all this, the astrologer-magicians of seventeenth-century England drew their charts of the heavens, divining answers and prescribing magical medicines.

In THE STARRY RUBRIC, Alexander Cummins shows how astrology and magic offered analysis, interpretation, and solutions – locating humanity in a shifting web of interrelation with the stars and, indeed, the cosmos as a whole. Through analysis and example, Cummins demonstrates the ways in which astrology and magic were crucial to early modern perspectives on human life, time, and meaning.

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