3 Important Astrological Techniques for love, Marriage and Remedies: A Magical Guide for a Smooth Match by K B Gopalakrishnan

All they say is that ” Marriages are made in heaven”. Yes it might be true but before the decision is made many people have 1000s of confusions. Am i making the right choice? Is he/she the right person for me? Should i drop this proposal? Marriage is a 1000 year old tradition and trust me, our ancestors know quite well of how to choose based on various factors.
I have in my experience met many couples, who have either trusted and gone into marriage or have deeply analyzed strategically, some have taken their parents help, some take independent decisions. Yet there seems to be some or other issue which goes on in the long process of marriage.
Marriage is not just a commitment but a job which needs a lot of hard work to understand the other person and the dynamics of their life. The modern difficulties which especially men face is, not getting accepted, having insecurities about career, women being stronger in terms of work and finances, place priority, financial priority etc.
Be it man or women, why aren’t you getting the right person?
What are the karmic blocks that a person is having?
What are the remedies that one needs to do?
How to properly match a horoscope?
Reasons why Men aren’t getting married nowadays?
What should a Boy or girls family do in order get their kids married?
The factors that is affecting your process of getting married!
All these are answered in this very simple book which is my 25 years of experience in guiding people. A must read for Indian men and women. A Guide to astrologers and parents who need to know the right way to match horoscopes.

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