Star Crossed Astrology, Personality Theory and the Meeting of Opposites by Clare Martin

In this intriguing exploration of human relationship patterns, Clare Martin compares two hitherto unrelated approaches, to see what, if anything, they can offer each other. Astrology and personality theory share the recognition that we find ourselves in a world of duality and polarity, caught between opposites, and that all human experience takes place in the context of relationship. Clare suggests that the themes encountered through literature, theatre and films can extend and enhance our appreciation of human nature, with all its paradoxes and complexities, and it is here that these two approaches can find common ground. The stories we are drawn to – or repelled by – tell us more about ourselves. Using a variety of well-known stories with relationship themes at their core, Clare breathes life into the paradoxical themes of each axis in the birth chart, and each character style in personality theory. 

Recognising the stories in our own birth charts and in our character styles generates increased insight, psychic integration, flexibility, and greater acceptance of ourselves and others.

Suitable for psychological astrologers and for anyone interested in developmental psychology.

There exists a gap between the field of clinical psychology and the concepts and practice of astrology. The validity of the use of astrological interpretations of personality is not accepted in mainstream psychology despite the fact that psychology can trace its origins back to astrological principles that precede it by thousands of years. Both the psychological and mainstream communities have relied for decades on the Myers-Briggs Type Index and more recently on the Five Factor Model for standardized personality measurement. This study seeks to illuminate the value of astrology as a description of personality and lessen the divide between the two disciplines of astrology and psychology. Based on similarly structured research on the recognition of self in personality profiles using the MBTI, Lennox and Oleson expanded this model into the controversial realm of astrology. Clinicians and laypersons alike will find compelling evidence for the legitimacy of this ancient practice in our modern world.

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