The Vedic Astrologer: The Spiritual Legacy of the Nakshatras by James Kalomiris

This volume is newest installment of the series, The Secret History of the Vedas. This is a book of astrology like no other. This book presents an entirely new view of astrology as originally conceived by the Vedic astrologer. The Spiritual Legacy of the Nakshatras focuses on the Vedic lunar mansions in the sky and attempts to reveal their wisdom. It attempts to explain the numerous references to all things astronomical and astrological according to the Vedas and explain the true purpose of reading the stars. It traces the creation of the universe from the very beginnings of time and space to the development of the Nakshatras. It shows how this evolution guides the worshiper in the spiritual journey. The Vedic astrologer also describes the wisdom contained in the Nakshatras and methods by which this wisdom may be incorporated into the worshiper’s life. Because this is what the Nakshatras have to give. The purpose of the lunar mansions was not to tell the future, but to guide the worshiper, to provide the religious edification of the worshiper in the now and present, and to provide the spiritual and religious structure to the Vedic dharma. Accordingly, this book is not concerned with forecasting into the future. It is as astrology was intended to be—a vehicle of spiritual advancement. It is all explained in and through The Vedic Astrologer.



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