Ayurvedic Astrology: A Research Work by Gunesvara Das

This book is the result of more than twenty years working as an ayurvedic Astrologer; meaning, working as the Vedic Astrologer of Ayurvedic Physicians in Brazil and others countries. During this long period, and analysing thousands of charts, my work was to help these Therapist and Doctors, especially Dr. Rugue in Brazil, to understand under the light of astrology, how the planets have a significant influence on the mind, feelings, and body of their patients. Before meeting Dr. Rugue, known as Swami Narayanananda in the Suddha Dharma Mandalam Institution, I didn’t have an idea how scientific could be the relation between Vedic Astrology and Health. Like most astrologers, for years I used astrology to explain to my clients the influence of planets at the time of their births in many areas of experience, such as conjugal life, love, professional life, children, money, and, in the midst of those issues, something about their personalities and health. But in 2007 some friend introduces me to Dr. Rugue, who was (and still is) one of the more important exponents of the Ayurveda Culture in Brazil. He asked me to be his astrologer. After some time doing charts of the patients and students of Dr. Rugue, I could see how the planetary positions at the time of birth (and later on also) revealed how the Cosmic Elements transmitted by the planets could have a relationship with diseases or unbalanced in their lives. Persons having aggravation of some element in their constitution, let said excess of Fire (Pitta aggravated) would have in their charts the red planets (Sun and Mars) in some specific constellation at the time of their births. The same “coincidence” I could see, after the evaluation of hundreds or thousands of charts considering the others elements (water, earth, and air). Planets related to water or heaviness, like the Moon or Jupiter, when afflicted in the chart, would reveal the aggravation of this element, what is called “Kapha Vikriti” in Ayurvedic terminology. And the same happened with the Airy Planets and the Airy ayurvedic constitution, Vata.
Seeing hundreds of similitudes, I started making notes of each chart I analyzed. I started to study Ayurveda trying to find more factors that would link it with my previous knowledge of Astrology and, to my surprise I could understand that both sciences can walk “side by side” to bring better health to humanity. As a result, in 2010 I wrote a book in the Portuguese language named Astrologia Comportamental Ayurvedica. Dr. Rugue kindly wrote the forewords. In that book, I’m giving the birth information of hundreds of my clients who had some health discomfort and how the same planets were affected in their charts.
The second (and last) edition of that book was published in 2014. After that year and until now (2021) I continued doing thousands of astrological consultations and always saw the same principle of the relation between the unbalance of the elements and the afflicted planets at the time of birth.
I’m now presenting this English Edition. We will learn how each planet is related to some part of the body, some physiological tissue, and some “dosha” (ayurvedic biotype). Also, we will learn how the mental and emotional behavior of each of us is related to both, to Ayurveda and to the planets. Finally, we will learn about when those influences will be predominant and most important, what can we do to minimize the aggravation or suffering.
As Dr. Edward Bach wrote once:
“Therapist and Astrologer are well-wishers of the persons”

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