Numerology for Daily Life by Ulhas Prabhakar Guptey

Numbers have great significance in an individual’s life than is generally known; be it a birth date or vibrations emitted by values of names.
Tha pages within elucidate author’s points such as:
That compatibility of vibrations of your name and birth date for you to succeed.
Signature that can lead you to prosperity if done in a particular manner.
House number or car number that is compatible with a birth date which can in turn bring in good luck.
The manner of writing your name on a visiting card.
Opportune date, day or period for starting a new company, organization or project that can pave way to prosperity.
Colour that can have a favorable influence on your mood and health.
Name of a new born child or a new company or organization that can prove to be beneficial.
Read more on these topics and many others in this unique and revolutionary book in the field of Numerology.
Discover yourself the crucial role that dates and numbers play in order to succeed in life.

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