Planets and Meaning: A Phenomenology of Fate by Capreborn

In a controversial journey through all aspects of modern life seen through the prism of the astrological planets, depth astrologer Capreborn looks at how the same situations keep constellating around us in new ways. The journey takes us through astrology, mythology, religion, philosophy, history, politics, sexuality and conspiracy, all liminal areas where transformations take place, for better or worse.At the heart of the work is the continuing presence of the Establishment, which is now more dangerous than ever because it is threatened by the flux caused by the Age of Pisces’ deterioration. The stakes are high; they are nothing less than ownership of the Age of Aquarius. Will the new age be property to be conquered by patriarchy, or will it be shared within the communities that characterise matriarchy? Will we be ruled from above, or will we rule those who think themselves the rulers through democratic politics?The reader will journey from gods to superheroes, Muses to blues, rock and punk, and emperors to technocrats, and Olympus to Rome and beyond. The voyage touches on the highest peaks of what humankind can achieve and visits the nadir of the deepest hells we have it within us to create, with the goal of making sense of the vistas that lie ahead of us in the near and far futures. To do this the phenomenological method is utilised, in order to scour every nuance of meaning from the subject matter.Caution: contains material some readers may find offensive.

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