Dasa and Bhukthi: The Right Way to Read Dasa and Bhukthi Explained at its Best by K B Gopalakrishnan

This book is about dasa, bhukthi and how to use dasa and bhukthi in the right way. This book gives details about the different dasa bhuktis, the different ways to use a bhukthi which includes using dasa or bhukthi for amsas, remedial measures in bhukthi. What are the changes that will happen with the change of a dasa? How to understand the best alignment for a dasa or bhukthi? This new age dasa bhukthi book will give you very deep insights with multiple examples which will help you understand better. Astrology is super science. This super science is not been recognized by the west but someday they will understand the value and integrated in their day to day living. One of the superb techniques is the dasa bhukthi. Though this is very complicated and can confuse the normal Mind. This book clarifies

● Various dasas
● Conditional and unconditional dasa
● Rashi dasa and nakshatra dasa.
● Remedies and bhuktis
● Dasa bhukthi in divisional chart.
● Pyrotechnics interpretation of Dasa.

This will simplify the rules of interpretation and help readers to have a better understanding of one’s own life plus the client life. Dasha Bhukthi is also known as the path of life it is one of the most integral parts of astrology in which it will determine the flow of events and the flow of life for the whole period of a human being. It has been beautifully divided into 9 parts and in each of the dasa we will have lots of sub periods called as bhukthi Which will keep dividing further into Antara, Pratyantar etc. This is not just one of the text books but the life experiences which I have gained by analyzing how dasa bhakti works and I have clearly explained it with a lot of life examples. Many so call astrologers can give examples of dead people and fictional characters but I have made sure that I present each and every chart and its explanation with those who have really come and clarified about the life. The technique used are being time tested and has been used for so many years by so many students of mine and it has worked out wonders.

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