In Search of Jyotish – The Rasi and Bhava Phalas: A Journey into the World of Jyotish (Book 3) by Sarajit Poddar

Have you ever wondered why one born with Sūrya in Meṣa Rāśi is adept in Śāstras, famous in arts, fond of war, attached to duty, fond of travelling, engage in righteous deeds, glorious, powerful and kingly? Why would Candra in Meṣa Rāśi indicate one with a complexion that of molten gold, steady wealth, strong libido, weak knee, ugly nails and bodily hair? Why does the person have danger from watery places and suffer from injuries and weaknesses on the head? Almost all Śāstras are filled with the results arising out of a Graha’s Rāśi disposition. This is a fundamental building block in analysing a Kuṇḍalī. However, hardly much explanation is found on why such and such results occur.

This book is about decoding the results of Graha’s Rāśi positions and examining how they impact us. This provides a systematic approach in understanding the basis on which the results are derived. Besides this, the results arising from Bhāva positions are examined. An important component of the book is delineating the effects of 7 Grahas from Sūrya to Śani in 12 Bhāvas for all the 12 Lagnas, i.e., 1008 combinations. The effects of Rāhu and Ketu in the Rāśis and Bhāvas are also examined in detail. This book is for one who wishes to build a robust foundation on the application of a Graha’s Rāśi and Bhāva results in analysing a Kuṇḍalī.

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