Remember Your Life Purpose: Live the Life you Chose (Numerology Reader Book 1) by Katie Youers

Have you ever wondered, why am I here? Do I have a life purpose? Numerology can answer that question for you. The day, month, and year that you were born are all you need to remind yourself of what you agreed with your spiritual guide before you incarnated in this life time.
If you are looking for answers about why you are here and you would like to analyse your ‘life lessons’ for your potential personal and spiritual development, then this book is for you. You can use this detailed book to help you to be a numerology reader for others as a practitioner.
The ‘system’ or ‘paradigm’ that you grow up in shapes you, your beliefs, values, skills, opinions and more. The sobering truth is that the paradigm shapes and indoctrinates you depending on what the leaders of that paradigm want to achieve. If you do not want your life purpose imposed on you by ‘the system’ then this book will remind you what your REAL life purpose is.

Price Rs 135

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