Numerology: It All Adds Up by Rob Wyborn

Numerology – or how to use the power of your 9-Year life cycle to help you make the best of your life.

Numerology is about looking the numbers in your life. There are many styles of Numerology, and is believed by many, that the universe can be better understood when it can be broken down to basic elements, in this case, numbers.

All numbers, regardless of their length, can be broken down to a single digit, these range from 1-9 (you probably didn’t need telling that) – these can help us discover and better understand our purpose, traits and truths about our personality. I have found that this area of Numerology, The Life Path, to be the most interesting aspect. There are many others.

A little History Early in the 20th Century, Dr. Julian Stenton is reported to have originated the term ‘Numerology’ and is credited with bringing awareness to it in modern times. Before then, ancient Egyptians and Babylonians had written some of the earliest records of Numerology. The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras is also credited with it, but then, he was pretty big on numbers in his day and has been credited with quite a lot. Whether he was responsible for it, we’ll never know. So, this guide is all about the Life Path, according to your year number. To find your Life Path number, you’ll need to do a simple calculation including your birth dates (day and month) and the year that you’re concerned with. After that, you’ll be fascinated by how your decision making can be improved when you know you’e doing the right things at the right time.

Humans are much more dependent on numbers than is commonly realized. This statement applies both to the urban man, involved in the frantic rhythm of modern civilization, and to the village dweller living in the wilderness.A village dweller will not be able to provide himself with his daily bread, since he will not be able to orient himself in the time of planting and harvesting, although he will last a little longer without numbers than a city dweller. The existence of the latter will instantly turn into shaped chaos without numbers. Remember the famous computer scare of the beginning of the millennium? Even the most advanced experts were afraid of big troubles when computer time was changed to the year 2000.

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