Witchcraft: (2 books in 1) Witchcraft for Beginners and Wicca Starter Kit Become a modern witch using moon spells, tarots, herbal, candle and crystal magick, find your own path living a magical life by Joy Cunningham

How do people usually associate when they hear words like “witches” or “magical rituals”? Perhaps all their imagination can think of is old, haggard women flying on broomsticks and Hollywood movies. But what if there’s a lot more to be linked with these terms rather than films and Medieval legends?  

Witchcraft and wizardry, in their true nature, are in a tight relationship with a means for self-improvement, control of their own lives and destiny, and potentially influencing the surrounding environment. They combine faith and magic with the positive intention to make the Earth a better place.

And if you are all about that…

Then Prepare Yourself For An Exciting Journey That Transcends The Physical World, Reaches Into The Spiritual, and Lifts You Up To Heights That You Have Yet To Achieve! Experiment On Various Practical and Doable Beginner Spells With Detailed Descriptions That Will Upskill You Into The Next Harry Potter!

With This Powerful Spellbook, you will:

–       Learn More About The History of Witchcraft that will answer most of your questions and confront your beliefs (it’s going to be both interesting and enlightening)

–       Receive A Proper Introduction To Wiccan Arts and find out how numerous spells are being cast (the most common are used for healing and protection, or to banish negative influences)

–       Discover The Spiritual In Magic and tap into the natural elements of the universe (along with the various Gods and Goddesses that roam it)

–       Reveal Step-By-Step Instructions To Help You With Basic Rituals that you can perform literally anywhere (well, maybe the City Townhall would not be the best place, but you get the point)

–       Unlock Important Spells To Get You Started and practice your skills (the more, the better)

–       And So Much More!…

Price INR 85

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(Wicca 2 books in 1) Wiccs for Beginners and Wicca Herbal Magic: A beginner’s guide for modern witchcraft adepts to start their own magick path using herbs, tarots, candles, rituals and moon spells by Joy Cunningham

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Spellcraft for a Magical Year: Rituals and Enchantments for Prosperity, Power, and Fortune by Sarah Bartlett

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Know Your Destiny Through Palmistry and Numerolgy by Shiraz (1922)

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Samudrika Sudha: Indian System of Palm Reading by R G Rao

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