Evolutionary Astrology (Revised) by Jeffrey Wolf Green (2019)

Evolutionary Astrology by my father Jeffrey Wolf Green is a collection of lectures and articles from many of his different books that I have put together in one book that will allow the reader to access and become familiar with the nature of Evolutionary Astrology that was brought forth by him in 1978. Evolutionary Astrology has transformed the world of astrology since that time, and has spread around the entire world. There is no other type of astrology that is able to understand and measure the evolutionary progression of the Soul from life to life. Astrology in general is a descriptive kind of astrology that is unable to understand the why of anything that it is describing. Evolutionary Astrology provides for an actual paradigm that allows the Evolutionary Astrologer to know what the prior life dynamics have been that as lead to the current life, why those dynamics, and what the current life evolutionary and karmic intentions are for the evolution of the Soul to continue. Evolutionary Astrology , the evolutionary journey of the Soul, provides for the first time an understanding of the ‘why’ of any dynamic within the consciousness of the Soul relative to the understanding that we are all responsible for that which we create. God Bless, Deva Green Note: This ‘revised’ edition of Evolutionary Astrology is exactly the same as the first book. We needed a revised edition in order to bookstores to be able to carry it because of how it was originally set up which did not allow for this.

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