Discovering Your Soul Mission: How to Use Karmic Astrology to Create the Life You Want by Linda Brady and Evan St Lifer (1998)

(Newer and expanded edition: Discovering Your Soul Mission: New Rules for a New Age by Linda Brady (2015)

If you have a nagging feeling that somehow your life has gotten off track, Discovering Your Soul Mission can help you create the most fulfilling life possible. Karmic astrologer and holistic teacher Linda Brady, along with coauthor Evan St. Lifer, shows how the desires of our personalities–what we think we want–clash with the needs of our souls–what will make us truly happy.

In order to pinpoint your soul mission, Brady uses the technique of karmic astrology, which–unlike the more familiar sun-sign astrology–delves into areas known previously only to the cognoscenti. With this easy-to-use method, you do not have to get an astrological chart. All the required information is provided to instantly discover the sign ruling your soul mission. You will learn your Soul Pattern sign, which governs old habits you need to let go, and your Soul Potential sign, which indicates your latent qualities and hidden talents that must be developed to follow your true path. Virgo perfectionism, for instance, can give way to Pisces intuition, Sagittarian procrastination to Gemini creativity.

Brady then offers numerous meditation, journaling, dreamwork, and other exercises to explore and incorporate your soul mission into your current life. Other planetary influences also shape the particular flavor of your mission. For example, the book includes tables to find out what sign rules your style of communication and shows you how to use that personal style to further enhance your mission. This lively, interactive handbook will set you on your true path.

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Discovering Your Soul Mission: New Rules for a New Age by Linda Brady (2015)

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