Before Your Future: A Contemporary Guide to Self-Knowledge and Karmic Counseling with the Ancient Art and Science of Vedic Astrology by Renu Namjoshi
Understand your Past, Connect with your Present & Prepare for your Future

Be the Hero of Your Life Story

This contemporary guide to the fundamental and ageless principles of Vedic Astrology integrates Vedic astrology with Ayurveda, Yoga, mythology, storytelling, psychology, and science. It keeps the purity and depth of Jyotish while presenting an innovative approach to horoscope reading that allows everyone to employ the astrological matrix for self-exploration and personal development.

Created to help you navigate your karma, thisbook teaches you a step-by-step approach to access the broad outline of your life story revealed in the Vedic horoscope and use it as an unprecedented invitation for spiritual growth and healing.

Intersecting storytelling and the divine planetary cycles of the Vimshottari Dasha with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey template, Before Your Future offers beginners and seasoned Vedic Astrologers an opportunity to become the hero of your life story.

This book will be your mentor and guide for the rest of your life:

Fate or Destiny: Use the knowledge of your destiny to gain free will

Karma Yoga: Bring the same intention to all your actions that you bring to the yoga mat

Relationship Skills: 
Uncover your patterns to create successful relationships and bonds

Limiting Beliefs: 
Adapt to the influence of the planets, not be limited by them

Build Resilience: Knowing that there is a higher cosmic purpose to your life story

Intuition: Gain an intricate and multifaceted inner knowing of the human experience

Trauma Legacy: 
Explore your inner narrative to break the cycle for future generations

Internal Conflicts: 
Stop swinging between two opposite but equal impulses

Stop the Cycles: Stop making the same mistakes over and over again

Spiritual Journey: Grow in the unity consciousness of the 360 degrees of the zodiac

“There will always be tension in the polarity of our human consciousness, focused on having, achieving, becoming, and our divine consciousness that seeks unity and higher cosmic purpose through the acceptance of destiny. The ego’s projection of selfhood, driven by self-will and self-determination, seeks to control our destiny—but so does our karma”.
~ Before Your Future

This book will help you to understand your Vedic horoscope, not to enslave you to predictions, but to help you concede the ego and gain free will.

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