Hindu Horary Astrology by Govindo Sri Rama Murti Rao

The author of Hindu Horary Astrology, an English translation of Neelkantha’s Prasnatantra is Mr. G. Sri Ram Murthi already well known to the astrological public. He has been in the field of astrological study and has made a work of his own. He has been serving the cause of astrology in a silent and unostentaitious manner.

The present work, for which I have been asked to contribute a Foreword, is rich and exhaustive and deals with “Prasnastra” or Horary Astrology. In three chapters, the entire gamunt of “Prasnasastra” has been convincingly covered by Neelkantha the Orignal author, and Mr. Rama Murthy has spread no pains to make the translations true to the original and easily understandable by an average student of astrology, adding his own observations wherever necessary and illustrating them with examples. As far as my humble knowledge goes, the existing books in English on Hindu Horary Astology are not exhaustive. But the present work is so planned that it deals with the questions pertaining to each Bhava systematically, enableing one to attempt answer to questions bearing on different aspects of life.


Chapters I: Prasnatantra of Neelkanta 1-7
(a) The System of Horary Astrology  
(b) Horary Astrology: (Definition, Limitation and Applications)  
( c) Kinds of Planetary Movement (Dasa Bedhas)  
(d) Answering Multiple Quaries out of a single chart  
(e) Deepthadyavathas – The Result of Planets in Deepthadyavasthas  
(f) The Planetary Effects and Significations  
(g) Delinations of and from Bhavas  
(h) Principles understand judgement from Horary Chart  
(i) Other Authorities  
(j) Karyasthana Explained  
Chapter II: Bhava Prasana Adhyaya 8-26
  Special treatment of queries related to the Twelve Bhavas in particular  
(a) Queries connected with the Lagna Bhava  
(b) Dhana Bhava : Queries relating to Second Bhava (prospect of gains, no gains, success in respect of I, II and III Bhavas)  
( c) Prasna Deepika for immediate monetary gains  
(d) Bhratru Bhava : Queries relating to the Third Bhava (Brother unwell fear of danger to querent, judgement of results of father, mother etc.)  
(e) Matru Bhava : Queries connected with IV Bhava (access to lands – and not cultivation – progress and failure in crops – leasing out lands – production – tendency results good and bad)  
(f) Putra Bhava : Queries relating to V Bhava (childbirth – at a letter date if Nakta Yoga – Male birth condition for – female birth – sex determination -pregnancy- child in womb : life and death – time of occurrence of delivery and month covered by pregnancy – delivery time – prediction rules)  
(g) Satru Bhava : Queries relating to VI Bhava (sickness – treatment – prognosis – time of duration)  
(h) Master vs Servant and cattle queries relating thereto  
(i) Kalatra Bhava : Queries relating to VII Bhava (Marriage – Matrimony )  
(j) Friendship with a women -wife getting angry  
(k) Spinster : Examined from a Query Chart  
(l) Delivery : (relating to self or others). Prasava Gnanam  
(m) Chastity and its Examination (conception as a result of – union with husband or others)  
(n) Ayurbhava : Queries relating to VIII Bhava Invasion, conquests, etc. 1 to 5, (result of war – good and bad effects – treaties – events- conclusion)  
(o) Dharma Bhava : Queries relating to IX Bhava (going on journey – travel- comfortable or difficult – advantages – quarrels enmity- resulting out of-)  
(p) Rajya Bhava : Queries relating to X Bhava Access to throne and government jobs ( access to throne – rulership – office – freindship with ministers-subjects – government etc.)  
(q) Labha Bhava: Queries relating to Labha Bhava (honour from a king- maturing of select plans)  
( r) Vyaya Bhava : Queries relating to Vyaya Bhava (war – law suit – victory – defeat – compromise)  
Chapter III: Interesting and Peculiar Quaries 27-48
(a) On return of one from exile (time – missing persons – details – illustration- example query with answer – return of person or not – details)  
(b) Time Return  
( c) Fugitive – Living or Dead ?  
(d) Shatpanchasika sets forth thus advent of army  
(e) Conquest of Territories  
(f) Treaty : Prasna Chintamani on Entry into Forts  
(g) Ragina : The Sick : Sickness : Prognosis : Good or Bad  
(h) Knowledge of Deva Dosha ( Divine curses) etc.  
(i) Master vs Servant – the same or change of  
(j) Access to Hidden Weath or Regarding (Lost Property or Wealth – money fallen unawares – scene of – described – direction – regaining of – the theif – offence – abutter – investigation – clues thereon repossesssion or failure – nature- of theif – sex – age – whereabouts : (a) theft,(b)stolen wealth -scene of offence – is one of the theif -one communication before or not – model illustration – a theft of a gold article digram and answer given)  
(k) Offspring and queries relating thereto ‘Prasna Chintamani sets forth on “Children and their Prospects”  
(l) Kinds of food -classified – Quaries – food (planetary rulership of tastes – kind of food taken – dinner – invitation – attendance – absence – how enjoyed -danger in attending dinners respect due to rank)  
(m) Dreams and Quaries relating thereto  
(n) Shikaris and hunting  
(o) Quarrel (Tangle) or a law Suit  
(p) Fugitive release from bondage (escape – let off – auspicious- time- living or dead- returning home or not -time of return  
(q) Ships, Merchandise, etc.: Queries relating thereto (safe return or not sea – voyage – happy – successful encounter difficulties, cargo lost in gain or loss.)  
( r) Public Opinion and queries relating thereto (reputation, slander, truth,coming in light,time of)  
(s) Purchase and sale : Queries relating thereto (Purchase,profit or loss, sale profit or loss.)  
(t) Ratio of Crops : Direction of large production, famine (governing factors)  
Chapter IV: Miscellaneous Aspects in Questions 49-60
(a) “Bhuvana Deepika” – valuable principle for accurate predictions  
(b) The judgement of Bhavas generally  
( c) Time of Fruitation (Utpala’s method, illustration) To Time an Event  
(d) Quaries realting to arrival  
(e) Minerals and Metals (ores, bases, elements, alloys and compounds)  
(f) The Query under Consideration  
(g) Meeting a Women  
(h) Coitus: Queries realting therto  
(i) Bullish or Bearish trends in Market (Mandi and Teji)  
(j) Solar Ingress into Aries : Results (Ravi Meshra Prasvesa)(annual result : for the nation and individuals)  
(k) The Tajik Yogas  
  The Deepthamsas of planets : Means  
  Aspects of Planets  
(l) Idhthasala Yoga – Full  
  Example 1. Results  
  Example 2 to 7  
(m) Aesarpha Yoga  
(n) Nakta Yoga  
(o) Yama yoga : formation, example, illustration and results  
(p) Kambola Yoga : Gairikadi Yogas  
  Examples 1 to 6  
  Appendix I Precepts, Examples and Illustrations 61-73
  Appendix II The Horary Map 74-75
  Appendix III Glossary 76-80
  Appendix IV Model Questions – listed 81-84
  List of questions in Appendix I 85-86
  Worked out Example 87-91
  Tables of Planets and Kala Horas 92-96


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