Nadi Praveshikā by A B Shukla, Vinay Aditya and Soumya Kumar


Nādi is considered the most enigmatic branch of Jyotisha. Nādi Jyotisha is full of cryptic principles and its clues are wrapped in layers of esoteric contemplation of the highest order.
Fortunately, Dr. B. V. Raman had the vision to draw the attention of scholars towards Nādi works and he wrote many articles in the magazine he edited. Inspired by him, Shri A. B. Shukla conceptualised a handbook on Nādi Jyotisha which explains the principles in line with tradition. He led from the front by constituting a team of researchers, whose every member has put his best foot forward, to communicate his knowledge and experience through words to bring out this book.


Nādi Praveshikā offers an opportunity to the students of astrology to enter this vast ocean of ancient wisdom. It provides, for the first time, a glimpse into:
1. The meaning and history of Nādi
2. The rationale for significations of planets
3. The logic underlying the results of different yogas
4. The unique progression system of planets
5. Rarely used dashas like Bhrigu Pada Dasha system
6. Use of Navamsha and Ashtakavarga
7. How to read a chart based on Nādi parameters
8. Reading of Nādi through Nakshatras

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