The Mercury Retrograde Book: Secrets for Surviving and Thriving in Astrology’s Most Misunderstood Cycle by Yasmin Boland and Kim FarnellThe Mercury Retrograde Book by Yasmin Boland and Kim Farnell

How to use Mercury retrograde to attract new opportunities, by best-selling astrology author.

Are you tired of hearing ‘Mercury must be in retrograde’ every time the slightest thing goes wrong?

People blame their break-ups, missed flights and unexpected bills on Mercury retrograde, but often they have little understanding of this astrological phenomenon. The Mercury Retrograde Book is here to flip these beliefs on their head. Bestselling author of Moonology Yasmin Boland and astrology expert Kim Farnell explain:

– that the retrograde is actually a chance to revisit, revise and revamp
– if you can understand how the retrograde cycle works, you can harness it in your favour
– how to place the retrogrades in your personal astrological chart and work out their effect on your elemental and zodiac sign

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