Practical Astrology Textbook: Large Format Traditional Astrology Book for Interpretation by James Steinmetz

This clear and complete textbook will allow you to see your natal chart in a new light or to initiate you to its interpretation. It is intended for beginners as well as for those who are already experienced.

This book includes :


  • A clear and exhaustive explanation of the method of interpretation
  • Detailed portraits of each planetary type
  • Detailed and provided portraits of each sign of the Zodiac
  • The meaning of the planets, ascendant and MC in signs and Houses
  • The meaning of the Lunar Nodes in signs and Houses
  • The meaning of the aspects between the planets
  • The meaning of the Houses rulers in the different Houses
  • The meaning of the framings of the Sun
  • The list of decans and terms
  • A reflection on domification
  • An example of natal chart interpretation
  • Drawings illustrating analogically the influence of the 7 traditional planets

Price INR 85

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