A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot: Get Started with Quick and Easy Tarot Fundamentals by Kathleen Olmstead

Unlock life’s mysteries and hidden paths with this quick and easy guide to tarot.

For centuries, people have turned to tarot to discover more about their friendships, their careers, their love lives, and themselves. Tarot can help you forge deeper relationships with those who are important to you, understand why patterns repeat in your life, and discover how you can take hold of your future.

With definitions of each of the major and minor arcana as well as easy to follow instructions for readings that you can do on your own or with others, A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot has everything you need to get started. And for those who are ready to go further, this guide also contains detailed instructions on how to create your own cards and spreads to further explore the potential of tarot.

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