Yoga: A Vision of its Future by Gopi Krishna

Gopi Krishna presents Yoga as the basis of a new Super-Science, devised by nature to provide mankind with new and enhanced faculties of mind – the next stage in the evolution of the race. The same insights and genius behind these ancient wonders is urgently needed to provide mankind with the vital knowledge essential for the healthy evolution of the race.

• What enabled the Egyptians to design and construct the Great Pyramid?
• How did the ancient Mayans develop a calendar more accurate than our own?
• How did the backward Dogon tribe in Africa learn precise details of the star Sirius and its dwarf twin – when the latter is invisible to the naked eye?
• How did the Indian sage Panini produce his wonder-grammar of the Sanskrit language?
• How can we account for child prodigies and genius?

This book offers new and fascinating answers to these riddles, which have never been definitively solved before. It is an enhanced activity of the cerebro-spinal system and the development of a new faculty of perception in the brain – the source of genius, revelation and mystical experience – that provide the explanation for these mysteries.

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