The Astrological Analysis of Earthquake by Bhoj Raj Dwivedi

Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi is a renowned author of astrology, occult science and spiritual knowledge. He has written more than 128 books on the subject that plays an important role to spread the knowledge of Indian Astrology.

THE ASTROLOGICAL ANALYSIS OF EARTHQUAKE- If not impossible but it is quite difficult to predict the natural calamities. Though our ancient books and sciences are able to pave the way to predict such natural calamities. Recently we witnessed the Gujarat earthquake disaster that is one of mightiest earthquake of Indian history. The present book discusses Astrological Analysis of Earthquake minutely. So not only we shall be able to predict such natural calamities, but also we can employ preventive measures. The salient feature of the book are Dalai Lama’s predictions, earthquake references of Varahmihir and in depth horoscopic analysis of major earthquakes.

The book provides enough knowledge about the earthquakes and its science. So it will be proved as a milestone in its field.

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