Zodiac Stellar Bodies by Rahat N

How to truly recognize your lover, husband, wife, and yourself using astrology?
Only a complete map of the starry sky at the time of your birth can give you a full description of your character. On the other hand, do not believe the common saying that this is just a set of phrases that are suitable for explaining the nature of any person. This is completely untrue. Characters are described by competent professionals and are based on accurate mathematical calculations of the movement of the sun and planets.
And they give a general description of the character. But since the location of all 8 planets at the time of your birth is unknown, there may, of course, be deviations in the description of your character. However, these descriptions may be of interest if you discount some inaccuracies. The zodiac sign you were born under is the strongest of all stellar bodies. It colors your personality so much that you can give a surprisingly accurate picture of your personality.

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