The Savagery of Astrology | The Dark Side of the Suns: An Astrological Satire by Nhayah Goode

The Savagery of Astrology is a ruthless astrological satire, comically, yet in all seriousness, tearing into the darkest sides of the Sun signs. Often times, the people associated with their Sun Sign cannot wait to emphasize and explain how loving and illustrious their astrological gang is. This satire is not here for all of that. The Savagery of Astrology is an astrological reference that will allow people to understand, overstand, and mostly innerstand why that malicious Gemini twin emerges so frequently, how a low vibrating Leo is only a leader of toxic narcissism, and the root to all Taurus’ cemented stubbornness. In all things, you must know the cons, the lows, and in this celestial case, the dark side of the Sun.

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