Stellar Secrets: An Astrological Revelation by S Krishna Kumar

This book reveals about the utility of stars in Predictive Astrology which is not being extensively used for predictive purposes. Mostly the stars are scrupulously used for fixing Muhurtha and for knowing mundane matters like rainfall, earth quake and occurrence of Solar and Lunar eclipses to advocate remedial measures for persons falling in the star of the eclipse which is practiced from time immemorial.

Predictive insight is to be understood from the stand point of stars as Hindu Astrology is based on stars. No doubt, transit rules of planets are applied for giving periodical results. But results for too short duration can be given more precisely by applying the Thara Bala which is based on stars for every planet for a particular person instead of going into the Sookshma and Prana Dashas of Vimshothari Dasha normally in vogue which gives limited results unlike the results of Thara Bala.

This book has extensively dealt with results of Thara Bala as enunciated by the earlier writers and orientalists of this subject in a detailed manner for each and every planet and these parameters can be effectively used by the Astrologers as a tool for prediction and also as an additional method for predicting the day to day events of life.

That apart, the horary results as applied by the oriental scholars of Astrology for various stellar days has been given which can be used as a ready reckoner for dealing with Prashna.

I have also worked out some case examples by applying the Thara Bala results enunciated in this book for predictive purposes.

In short, I hope this book will be a guide to not only to practicing Astrologers but also to students and researchers of Astrology.


Profile of Dr. S. Krishna Kumar iii
Preface ix
Nakshathras 1
Ashwini Nakshathra or Star. 5
Bharani Nakshathra 23
Krithika Nakshathra 40
Rohini Nakshathra 58
Mrigashira Nakshathra 76
Aridra Nakshathra 94
Punarvasu Nakshathra 109
Pushya Nakshathra 132
Aashlesha Nakshathra 156
Makha Nakshathra 180
Pubbha Nakshathra 191
Utthara Nakshathra 203
Hastha Nakshathra 215
Chittha Nakshathra 226
Swathi Nakshathra 237
Vishakha Nakshathra 248
Anuradha Nakshathra 259
Jyeshta Nakshathra 270
Moola Nakshathra 281
Poorvashada Nakshathra 292
Uttharashada Nakshathra 303
Shravana Nakshathra 315
Dhanishta Nakshathra 326
Shathabhisha Nakshathra 338
Poorvabhadra Nakshathra 349
Uttharabhadra Nakshathra 361
Revathi Nakshathra 372
Ayurdhaya nara chakra 383
Nakshathras in Sthree Jathaka or Females Horoscopy 385
Naari Chakra 394
Mundane application of stars 398
Places ruled by stars on earth 406
Results of Marriage Conducted in Different Stars 413
Predictions Through Thara Bala Principles 420
Example – 1 420
Example – 2 425

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