Stellar Effects: Nakshatra Digbala and Gunas (Based on Meena 2 Naadi Principles) by Satya Sree R

Dr. Satya Sree R has exemplary explained the concept of Nakshatra Digbala and was awarded doctorate for this thesis from Yoga Samskrutham University, Florida USA She has derived from the Kalamsa Gunas concept and has applied the Gunas theory into Nakshatra Digbala. She has lucidly explained in tabular form, how a planet or bhavathipathi getting Nakshatra Digbala and Gunas, get modified. One of the highlights of the explanation is that even though a planet is debilitated, if it gets Nakshatra Digbala with good guna and Yogakaraka connection, then that bhavathipathi delivers excellent results. She has mastered this concept through extensive research on Digbala and has given predictive tools to analyse charts. A very useful book for everyone to decode a horoscope using Nadi principles.

Jyothisa Acharya. Smt. Dr. Satya Sree Ris the granddaughter of Gun Sr N Raghavachary (Meena) and daughter of De NVRA Raja (Meena2 Ur She is from a family of wool-known Naadi astrologers and has mastered Naadi astrology with the blessing of Guru NVR( Mona). She did he BE(EEE) from Vasav College of Engineering. Hyderabad and PGDM(HR) from XIMB. Bhubaneswar, MA (Vedanga Jyotisha) and Phd. (Vedanga Jyolsyan from Yoga Samskrutham University. Florida USA

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