Stellar Effects Kalamsa -Gunas (Based On Meena 2 Naadi Principles) by NVRA Raja

The Nakshatras are the source of energy and can represent one person’s journey from birth to death. the stars always explains or indicate inner energy of a person. In Vedic Astrology Jyothis means 27 constellations. these 27 groups or constellations are known as 27 Nakshatras. “Naks”means sky, Akashak Shethra or sky map. In Jyothisa Sastra one without the knowledge of nakshatra is called a person without eyes. A Daivagna should know the meaning and significance of constellation. The judgement of horoscope is totally dependent on Nakshatras. If the planets are moving towards of group of constellation, then the planets get into the grip of constellation and starts giving the significance.

Let us take Punarvasu Nakshatra for instance. In the most ancient culture, these Punarvasu stars were seen as supreme twins and roof of Jupitarian energy are linked to the constellation in the arc of Gemini. The names of the Nakshatras were fixed by our ancient so finely that it gives the meaning to star. The star Punarvasu brings wealth and hence the name where vasu means angel or demi god possessing desired qualities and punar means again. This Star also indicates positive energy or light which can help us to get over the darkness. The constellations Punarvasu represents energy and resources at one’s command. While arriving or decoding the characteristics or significance of a constellations, We have to link the significance of the constellations’s lord and the sign in which the constellations Lord is placed.

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