Stellar Effects: Gunas – Timing of Events by R Vijaylakshmi

Dr R Vijayalakshmi is a disciple of Guru Sri NV Raghava Chary Meena 2 and Prot

NVRA Raja. She gives astro counselling from Bargur, Krishnagiri Dt. Tamil Nadu She is a keen follower of Meena Naadi system She did her MA (astrology). MARCO) and PhD in Vedanga Jyothishya from Yoga Samskrutham University, Florida USA under the guidance of Prof.NVRA Raja, Chairman, JKR Astro Research Foundation, Secunderabad She is one of the founder trustees of JKR Astro research foundation, Secunderabad She participated in many Astro conferences and seminars anddelivered talk on importance of stellar astrology She had many honorary titles like Naadi Jothida Kesari, Jyothida Thendral, jothida Acharya, Jothida Adithya elo She has contributed number of articles in English, JASA E magazine and Tamil astrology magazine

She is also founder Chairman of JKR Astro research foundation Barur. Tamil Nadu She is successfully conducting BA MA (Vedanga Jyotisha) classes throughout Tamil Nadu At present nite in quiding more than 11 PhD scholars in Tamil Nadu Recently she had written two basic (astrology) books in Tamil

She has explained Gunna and its application in prediction and also in meaning of events very well. She did a deep study on Gonas Gunas are future prediction tool. She beautifully explained Tnking of birth chart Gunas with gochara DBA GUnas Role of 5S Guna in cure of disease and dominance of Rajasa Guha for material prosperity are very well explained

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