The Sexual Cycle of Human Warfare: Being a New Theory of the Cause of War and an Inquiry into the Possibility of War-Prediction (1948) by Norman Walter

(Non astro book)

It cannot fail to startle, for it opens wide a new approach to war – the problem of headlong urgency in our Atomic Age. Sweeping aside conventional and outworn theories of the cause of international strife, the author reveals to us that war is neither more nor less than a Titanic Sexual Act. War, he maintains, stands in the same biological relationship to the vast organic body of the individual. Like the individual sexual urge, war, too, is cyclic, periodic. And like the individual urge, it is marked by a gathering mental tension that bursts into physical eruption. Were this revolutionary conception no more than a daring freak of thought, it would still command our attention for its stark originality of design. But it is more than that; it is a closely reasoned scientific argument that must either be refuted or accepted. One thing is certain in these dangerous times: it cannot be ignored. As we read these pages, we have a sense of rending veils, of shifting phantasmagoria, a presentiment that here at last we emerge upon a terrifying but epoch-making truth. The question remains: Can we adjust ourselves to this sweeping new conception – adjust ourselves in time? Or must the hydrogen bomb, and the insensate self-destruction of mankind, add their own dread postscript to the grim prophetic argument of this book?

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