Body Signs: The Hidden Meaning of the Foot, Leg, Internal Organs, Vertebrae Plus a Complete Course in Esoteric Palmistry by Hilarion

a book teaching the significance of the human body and spirituality

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Astrology Plus: The Signs and Houses by Hilarion

The Hand and the Horoscope: Palmistry and Astrology Combined in a Unique Guide to Personality by Fred Gettings (1973)

Palmistry Every Day: Your Life’s Path Revealed in the Palm of Your Hand by Alexandra Chauran

Secret of Celebrities: Palm Readings by Ghanshyam Thakur

Fifty Handprints: A Practical Guide to Knowledge of Scientific Palmistry by Dayanand and Nisha Ghai

Palmistry Guide: An Easy Way to Learn Palmistry by Nisha Ghai

Hasta Pariksha Samudrik Shastra हस्त परीक्षा सामुद्रिक शास्त्र (Hindi) by Shrinivas Mahadev Pathak (1924)

Medical Palmistry: Health and Character in the Hand by Martin Steinbach

Perfect Knowledge of Palmistry: Finding Hidden Diseases and Treat it and be Healthy by Ram Babu Sao

A Guide to Palmistry by Shanker Adawal

Palmistry How to Master: A Gist of Indian and Western Systems of Hand Reading by Dayanand Verma

All the Secret of Palmistry for Profession and Popularity Include Remedies: Read Your Own Palm by Dayanand Verma

The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry: Complete Palmistry Course Book with Exercises by Johnny Fincham

A Little Bit of Palmistry: An Introduction to Palm Reading by Cassandra Eason

Palmistry: The Art of Reading Palms by Anna Comerford

Know Your Destiny Through Palmistry and Numerolgy by Shiraz (1922)

Samudrika Sudha: Indian System of Palm Reading by R G Rao

Destiny in the Palm of Your Hand: Creating Your Future through Vedic Palmistry by Ghanshyam Singh Birla

Samudrika Sudha: Indian System of Palm Reading by R G Rao

Introduction to Hasta Jyotish – Ancient Eastern System of Palmistry by Ghanshyam Singh Birla

Complete Book on Palmistry: Includes Secrets of Indian Thumb Reading by Richard Webster

The Handbook of Palmistry by Rosa Baughan

True Secrets of Palmistry by Lim Jan Chuan

Practical Palmistry by Henry Frith (1896)

Indian Palmistry by J B Dale (1895)

Book of Palmistry by Alesha Sivartha (1894)

Astro Palmistry of Mihiracharya by Fakir Chandra Dutt

You and Your Hand by Cheiro

Palmistry of Love, Life and Marriage by Cheiro