Health Dowsing: A Breakthrough Recovery Book with 16 Pendulum Dowsing Worksheets on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing by Minkal Vaishnav

Life can be pretty sad and upsetting at times and sometimes it throws real bad circumstances that can be heartbreaking and soul crushing. Sometimes it takes away all hope and help. It makes you suffer and feel the pain. Through this book you will be able to heal and fix common ailments as well as big major serious long term diseases.

All disease exist due to an imbalance and disruption in the energy field. When the same energy field is balanced and brought into wellness, it restores Health and Well being. Through this book you will be guided and aligned to your highest best levels of health so You can be finally be free to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Book Description:

This book is composed of Two Fundamental Parts:

  • Part 1 is about General Healing where You get insights on the basic concepts of Health, Wellness and Harmony with our true source of Power and Being. It covers important principles of Healing and Balancing. It will help you regain and rebuild core foundation for health and wellness.
  1. Grounding and Balancing
  2. Raising Financial, Emotional and Spiritual Health
  3. Improving the Quality of Life
  4. Reclaiming lost Happiness
  5. Clearing Blocks to Fun, Enjoyments and Abundance
  • Part 2 is about Specific Healing where you get fully directed techniques towards solving a serious illness. It is more of specific commands and step by step method to clear the issue from the root and reprogram the body for complete Health and Wellness.
  1. Protocol for Clear and Healthy Skin
  2. Protocol for Hair-fall Problems
  3. Protocol for healing a Sprained Ankle
  4. Protocol for curing Depression
  5. Protocol for defeating Corona Virus
  6. Protocol for Weight loss
  7. Protocol for reversing Tooth Decay
  8. Protocol for Cancer Treatment
  9. Protocol for OCD
  10. Protocol for Bipolar Disorder
  11. Protocol for Eye Correction

Each chapter in the book composes of a dowsing technique and different protocol which you can use for solving any issue you are facing. Throughout this book you will find many healing techniques and methods to heal your life.

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