Energy Medicine Dowsing: A Spiritual Empowerment Workbook and Step by Step Guide to Enlightenment with 37 Pendulum Dowsing Charts by Minkal Vaishnav

This Book is for Advanced Learning and for all those who are expert in Dowsing Skills and have deep Knowledge about Healing and Energy Medicines. However this book is also an invitation to the beginners who want to gear up their transformation and create Miracles and Breakthroughs in their Life.

  1. This book is not just about Dowsing Charts but also mostly about Techniques to dive deeper into the issue and heal using the best energy healing modalities and medicines.
  2. The book contains 37 Charts which can be used in different ways for different healing techniques and dowsing methods presented.

If you love energy work and healing therapies, this book is for You. This is basically a workbook where you can start with an issue that you wish to heal and with the help of the dowsing charts, you investigate deeper into the matter and find the best remedy to effectively deal with the situation.

Book Description

Throughout this book you will go through 9 parts where each part focuses on providing insights on how to use the healing therapies to squeeze the maximum juice.

  1. The first part of this book is all about Personal Energy Medicine where you find 37 dowsing charts put together to find the best possible energy vibration for your current situation and state of being.
  2. The Second part is about Crystal Healing Therapy where you get charts on find the right crystal for your life and with pendulum commands you will know how to tap on that spirit and use it as a lucky charm.
  3. The third part is about Healing the Home where you figure out the faults in your home related to vastu, feng shui, geopathic stress and sacred geometry and which positive spirit is lacking in your home.
  4. The forth part is about charts on Insecurities in Life where you figure out an area of imbalance in your chakras and bodies that is causing insecurities. This is more of a self development and deeper analysis of what is bugging you at an energy level.
  5. The fifth part is about Emotion Code Therapy where you locate a stressful emotion stored in an organ which leads to imbalance in your life.
  6. The sixth part is about Chakra Healing Therapy where you discover about the health of your chakras and find an appropriate crystal to fix the need of your chakras for their optimum function and wellness.
  7. The seventh part is about Bach Flower Remedies where you work on your core states of being and with the help of the right essence and commands you can bring yourself together with ease and grace.
  8. The eight part of this book is about Authority, Power and Dominance where you find an area of your life, chakras and bodies where you feel victimized and disempowered. And with the help of right pendulum commands you can rise in strength and dignity.
  9. The ninth part of this book is about Healing from bad situations where you find the obstacles chart which keeps you victimized and the Ladder chart which can help you attain your highest dignity. Here you will also find 3 powerful dowsing techniques to turn all your negative life events into positive events.

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