Jyotih Pradeepika: English Translation and Exposition of a Partial But Unprecedent Manuscript by Guru Rajesh Kotekal

This Jyotih Pradeepika manuscript is very different from the other versions. It is partial and discusses only 24 Sutras of the 1st quarter of chapter 1 of Jaimini Sutras. However, within this brief text, one can glean the intellectual brilliance of the author who treated most of the Sutras in an altogether different way. His unique way of defining various technicalities is unprecedented. The highlight of the work is the demonstration of the concepts using many real-life horoscopes. This work also has a great historical value as it demonstrates the Raja Yogas by presenting the horoscopes of Akbar, Shah Jahan, and Aurangzeb.
This small work, though partial and sketchy because of the gaps in the manuscript, is a treasure-trove of Jaimini Jyotisha. The author offers an entirely different way of interpreting the Nidhyatu Yogas, Argala analysis, and Drik Dasa calculation and its interpretation. Along with these, the unique way of preparation of the Svamsa Chakra, Pada Chakra, Upapada Chakra, and Graha Chakra; their utility in applying the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters of the 1st Chapter of the Jaimini Sutras; application of the Svamsa, Pada and Upapada Chakras for Upajeevya Raja Yogas; the Svamsa Chakra Karaka Dasa calculation and interpretation; the Atmano Bhavapamsa Dasa calculation and interpretation; the Bhava Lagna Karaka Dasa calculation and interpretation – all these are worthy of detailed study and research making us realize the depth and grandeur of the Jaimini system.
In this book I have presented the Sanskrit text of the manuscript in Devanagari followed by my English translation and detailed notes. I have summarized the insights and inferences in a separate section segregating the concepts topic-wise. This would help research minded readers who want to further work on these concepts using actual horoscopes. To the end of the book, the scanned copy of the original manuscript is included for reference.

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