Predict Through Jaimini Sutras : Shool Dasha, Argala, Virodh Argala, Char Dasha by Vijay Dubey

Preliminary observations : geneology of maharishis by way of vedavyasa- the
highbrow development of maharishis through yoga literature in sanskrit-
-definition of sutra problems in translation-
perfect development
of sanskrit-maharishi jaimini. Adhyaya 1, pada 1- (bankruptcy 1, part 1 ) meanings of astrological terms
described-factors of planets and zodiacal signs and symptoms– variations of
concepts in astrology and their reconciliation necessity for a take a look at
of preferred and special principles-pneumonics in sanskrit mathematics –
bad impacts and their counteraction-atma karaka or lord of soul,
kalatrakaraka or lord of wife, naisargikakaraka or everlasting lord

lordships for rahu and ketu-results of atma karaka, amatyakaraka or
lord of minister, bhratrukaraka or lord of brother,
matrukaraka or
lord of mom, putrakaraka or lord of son,
gnatikaraka or lord of
cousins and darakaraka or lord of spouse- signification of planets, rasi,
rasi dasasor duration: of signs and symptoms and their results arudha or pada lagna,
varnada lagna, ghatika lagna, bhava lagna, chandra lagna, hora lagna
and their uses. Adhyaya 1, pada 2-(chapter 1, component 2) atmakaraka in one of a kind navamsas-
planets with atmakaraka-gulikakala or time of the son of saturn-
lordships planets over one of a kind instances in an afternoon- hora drekkana,
navamsa, dwadasamsa and the thrimsamsa defined as per varaha mihira-
planets aspecting atmakaraka navamsa in gulikakala-
outcomes of planets
in diverse homes from karakamsas and their significations -kemadruma
yoga. Adhyaya 1, pada 3-(chapter 1, component 3) planets in numerous houses from
pada lagna and their consequences-uchcha-graha samanya- cornbi nations for
royalty and poverty. Adhyaya 1, pada four-(chapter 1, element four) upapada lagna and its results-
combinations for various illnesses – kids – demise of brothers,
sisters-dumbness, stammering, complexion, non secular inclinations,

adultery, leadership in network-33 crores of devatas-nigraha and
anugraha paperwork-mahamantras or top vedic secrets and techniques-
kshudra mantras or evil incantation. Adhyaya 2, pada 1-(bankruptcy 2, part 1 ) . Determination of sturdiness-
mixtures for lengthy, center and short lives-
reconciliation of
unique structures of toughness-karakayogas kakshya,
hrasa or reduction
or degradation kakshya vriddhi or ‘ boom-dwara rasi, dwarabahya
rasi and pakabhoga rasis explained -growth of lifestyles and avoiding
demise-viparitas or perverts in that means-karakayogas and kartari yogas
detailed-3 forms of longevities alpayu, madhyayu and purnayu–
rationalization and effects of rudra, maheswara and brahma rasis –
exclusive varieties of yogas. Adhyaya 2. Pada 2-(bankruptcy 2, part 2) planets inflicting dying of mom
and father in shoola dasas-combos for deaths because of the
displeasure of governments-one-of-a-kind forms of diseases-bites of
bugs and venereal proceedings. Adhyaya 2, pada 3-(bankruptcy 2, component 3) a hundred and seventy-one hundred eighty sthira dasas, navamsa
dasas and prana dasas special-combos for deaths of uncles,
cousins and different family members in shoola dasas explanation shoola dasas
or durations. Adhyaya 2, pada 4-(chapter 2, component four) a hundred and eighty-197 bhoga rasis, bhoga dasas
and paka dasas mixtures for imprisonments and deaths in purusha
and stri rasis-yogardha dasa, drigdasa and trikona dasa. A quick
comic strip of prof. B. Suryanarain rao’s lifestyles.

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