Star Guide to Elections and Candidates 1998 by K B Parsai

The uncertainty of popular franchise is the biggest fear in the mind of any candidate in any election, in any part of the world. In India, the 50th year of independence marks the end of an era of towering political personalities and the emergence of transition from the dominance of a monolith party to coalition governance. In such a scenario, the unpredictability of electoral results, even by best statistical methods, opinion polls and intensive surveys, has become manifold. It is, therefore, but natural for candidates to turn to the traditional and time-tested knowledge of Astrology for guidance to their fate and fortune at the hustings. In ancient times, there were wars and battles between kings or kingdoms. So there is abundant astrological guidance about the strategies, conduct and results of a battle or war. There were no General Elections of the type prevailing in modern times. As such, there are no properly documented principles and guidelines, to advise people about their fate in the polls and even as to what star constellation would be helpful to a person in politics. In the event, unless the astrologer has the knowledge and the expertise, most astrologers would go by guess work, intuition or hunch, resulting in misguided shots in the dark which tend to bring a bad name to astrology. This book is, therefore, conceived as a beacon light to fill in the lacuna, enabling candidates, prospective candidates and their advisers, to judge their future at the elections. In a sense, this book serves to de-mystify the art of correct calculations and analysis in determining the fortunes of a person in elections. One might add, that computer astrology, which has come to signify the fast-food mindset, will not be of much help, as what required is a knowledgeable micro-study.

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