Natural Calamities and Disasters through Vedic: With Shubh Muhurat Analysis by U Suman Lathaa Metha

During this pandemic, I joined Maharishi College and completed my PG Diploma in Astrology and started research in the field. My master Dr. Rudresh Shastri helped me to choose my research subject, i.e., the astrological reasoning behind the disasters and calamities in the universe and its remedies for a more peaceful and calmer world. 

This research study on Vedic Astrology is on forecasting weather conditions of rains, extremes of climate, solar eclipses and lunar eclipses. It also includes ‘Panchang’ from 2018-2030. Also, giving clear information on detail analysis with Total Table chart on Zodiac signs and their nature. 

The importance of 12 planets in our lives with their mantras and detailed analysis of occurrences of cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes’ eruptions, hurricanes, flooding, the ending of the impact after the advent of COVID Virus with details on unnatural deaths on the shreds of evidence based on the study of horoscopes and planetary position in case-studies to understand better the principles stated above are also included. Care has been taken to detail each with metrological effects on the universe due to planetary changes causing disasters as mass problems to the world. 

Special remedies based on Navagraha Mantra chanting and the importance of planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in our lives are included. 

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