Advance Techniques From Pulippani Jothidam: Explained From Ancient Text and Bhrigu Panchika (Vol 1) by Ashutosh Bhardwaj

In this book, author has presented selected shlokas of a Tamil classic ‘Pulippani Jothidam’ in a distinctive way by utilizing his own experience of more than 26 years in the field of astrology. Apart from his own knowledge, he has incorporated some of the cryptic and secret rules of ‘Bhrigu astrology’ to fill in the gaps in ex- plaining the sutras. In addition to Bhrigu astrology, text from other known classics and rules learned through personal communications with veteran astrologers are also included to make the Pulippani sutras applicable in practice. This book covers famous and rare yogas, tran- sit of Jupiter, and dasha-three  essential cornerstones used in predictive astrology. The integrated approach of these three key elements is used to unveil the subtleties of a horoscope and enlighten the readers with the work- able steps involved in making meticulous predictions.

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