Perfect Gemmology: Selection of Gems by Ram Babu Sao

With suitable and empowering astrological gemstones, you are bound to experience true harmony and success. Each of the gemstone represents one of the nine major planets, such as, Ruby for the Sun, Pearl for Moon, Coral for Mars, Emerald for Mercury, Diamond for Venus, Blue sapphire for Saturn, Garnet (hessonite) for the planet Rahu and Cat’s eye for the planet Ketu.
All gemstones are not recommended to be worn by a person. Out of these nine gemstones, only two or three gemstones may actually be suitable for a person. Wearing the suitable gemstones will enhance talents and diminish weaknesses. Wearing the wrong gemstones cause to much disruption and stagnation in the life. The technique required for finding the most beneficial gemstones are the native’s Lagna Sign based on his date, time, and place of birth.
The success only comes with the right Gems. JP Morgan made a fortune using the “Right Gems”. All this knowledge is made available to you in this book. As a result, your life will be more prosperous than ever before if you select a right Gemstone for your personal use. This book provides you the followings: 1. Select a right Gemstone and make your life more rewarding. 2. Improve your wealth, career, position, and love life with Gem. 3. Discovers your financial fortune in life with proper Gem

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