Seated on a Lotus: Mysteries of Sri Sukta by Achala Sylwia Mihajlović

“Seated on a lotus” is an invitation to dive deeper into the mysteries of ancient Vedic hymn dedicated to mystical Goddess Śri, known as Śri Sukta. Seated on a lotus flower representing inner purity, shining with golden splendour of sun, moon and fire, Goddess Śri is presiding deity of sattva guna, purest state of mind, and is identified with Goddess Lakshmi.In this work you will find a translation of Mother Lakshmi’s own commentary to each of Her 53 mystical names encoded Śri Sukta, as well as mantras derived from those names and their benefits. This commentary itself is so deep and spiritually rich that it will open up for you a new, profound esoteric meaning of this sacred hymn. You will also learn about the devata and rishi presiding over each of the verses of this rigvedic hymn. You will find inside this book also author’s own translation of Śri Sukta, based on the commentary from Mother Lakshmi Herself, found in Lakshmi Tantra, a Pancharatra scripture.May Goddess Śri illumine our consciousness.

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