Medical Astrology (Part 1): Houses and Human Organs in Astrology by Subramanian Krishnan

(mini book)

Medical Astrology – Part 1
Houses & Human Organs in Astrology

In this Chapter we will be discussing about the Medical Astrology in detail. We can find the diseases that might affect a person through astrology and various solutions for the same.

We will be discussing all the aspects in different chapters so that it could be easy for any beginners and interested readers to understand the importance of Astrology and they can appreciate how Vedic astrology could help to determine various diseases and remedies for all those diseases.

In this first Chapter, we will be discussing about the houses and the Human organs being associated to each houses as per Vedic astrology. As per Kala Purusha Thathuva, the First house being Aries and the Last and 12th house being Pisces.. As per Kala Purusha Thathuva, Lord Mahavishnu is being depicted with his Head being associated in the first House as Aries and the last house Pisces being associated with his Toes.
The Ascendant Lord should be stronger on any horoscope so that the native of that horoscope could have the courage to face any challenges and overcome any obstacles. If not, they could be weak in nature and may not be able to with stand with any troubles. They might get affected very soon with diseases.

The 6th house, 8th and 12th houses are more important in one’s horoscope. If 6th house is strongly affected by malefic planets or functionally weak planets, then the native will get exposes to diseases related to 6th house and 8th house represents Longevity. The 8th house indicates the type of diseases and need of operations etc. It also indicate the life span of that person. The 12th house indicates the hospitalization and the amount spend for the diseases. At the same time one should see whether the 6th, 8th or 12th house Lord Maha Dasa is there or not before coming to conculsion.

Now based on the chart given, let us see from first house Aries to 12th house Pisces, the organs associated for each house. As per astrology, if any particular house is associated with functionally positive planets, then those organs will be stronger and if any house is being associated with functionally weak or malefic planets, then that particular organ of the human body would be weak and get affected during the Maha dasa of that particular house.

1st House Aries. Associated with Head. So it is understood that Brain is the major part getting associated and all the human parts are connected through nerves to the Brains. So the first house is called as the Ascendant in the Astrology which denotes the chart owner itself. As the first own is very important that Ascendant Lord should always be strong in any chart else the native might have frequent heal issues. The skull and injuries cause in head and mental problems are all associated with the first house. So if Ascendant is weak or associated or aspected by Malific planets, then the native could be affected by such diseases.

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