Ashtamangala Prasannam by Tirupur S GopalaKrishnan

Hindu Astrology has its basic reference to Sage Parasara, giving deeper implications of this predictive subject. Prasna tantra is one among them literarily meaning ‘various aspects’ of Prasna or Horary astrology.

Astamanga Prasna is an advanced and extensive method of preparing Eight materials (Ashta means Eight) and tools for prediction through horary or Prasna. The results in horary are predicted with the help of a horary Chart (Prasna Rasi Chakra) divined by worship. Then in the Chart Aarooda or ascendent along with which the Ashtamangala number by using 108 cowries is fixed. Both Aarooda and Ashtamangala number indicate various results answering the querist for his Personal and Deva Prasna pertaining to the deeds, rituals, short comings, Omen, loss or theft of idols, disfigure of statues in temples and temple activities.

This book extensively covers all aspects of Ashtamangala Prasna, from initiation of the Pooja, Deivagna’s posture, Raasipooja, query chart, five mahasoothras, application of soothra principles, Thrisphuta, Chatursphuta, Panchasphuta and Ashtamangala results including deities indicated by Planetary combinations to identify the presiding deity.

There will be no doubt that this book will inspire astrology enthusiasts and astrologers all over and practice of Ashtamangala Prasna will enhance the image and morale of every astrologer.

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