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There is a common belief in India and around the world that the movement of the space has an impact on our lives. However, this impact is not solely because of the surroundings, and our actions have a fair impact on our lives as well. Astrology refers to the study of the motion of suns, moons, planets and stars and their impact on the lives of the people. In Sanskrit, the term “astrology” is believed to be “Jothishi”. However, this is a misnomer.

Jothishi Meaning
In a literal sense, the term “Jothishi” is a combination where the term “Jyoti” is the one accentuated upon. The word “Shi” is called a person or that is “auspicious” as in SHIVA. So, it means knowledge that lights the darkness or auspicious knowledge that provides the light. Contrary to what people tend to believe, it does not strictly predict the future. It merely shines a light upon the unseen knowledge, for we need light if we are to see.

The Vedic astrology and Jothishi, at times, are seen as terms with the same meaning. While it is the case when looked upon with a broad spectrum. There is a subtle difference between the two. For example, when Vedic astrology is in the discussion, we talk about the planetary patterns, the phases of the moon and the whims of the constellation, and its effects on the life of the individuals. Jothishi added another dimension to this topic and called karma.

The eyes that let us see the unseen knowledge is called Darshan Shastra. Its impact is two-fold. It takes the unseen knowledge of astrology into account while taking the acts or Karma of an individual into account as well. Additionally, when it comes to Vedic astrology, specific parts of the religion are taken into account. However, with the case of Jothishi, the Darkshniks or philosophers takes the reins of the narrative.

This is the subtle difference between astrology and Jothishi. However, both of these verticals discuss the same thing. However, with Jothishi, the entire balance sheet of life is taken into context to predict the road map of a person’s life. It is not only about predicting the future. But rather, it is about how to go about with your life taking celestial whims into account.

Karma or acts of an individual that are collated in a balance sheet are considered in three manners:
The Prarabhtha Karma: The acts of a man during a single lifetime. The acts that you are committing right now. Your present actions that mostly tend to have an immediate reaction.
The Sanchitha karma: the acts that are a summation of multiple lifetimes. Every time you have reincarnated, your acts are summed inside a spiritual balance sheet.
The Agami Karma: The actions that you take up in the future are called Agami Karma. They are sure to have a large effect in the future.
Kriyamana Karma: The actions that you undertake now.
Why is Jothishi not about solely predicting the future considering this is one topic that individuals find most interesting? The reason is simple, and predictions can cause pain. Jothishi is a guide that takes the ledger of your acts and creates a specialised way for you to react to them. It focuses on the core of spirituality. A soul resides inside the cage. It does keep it safe. However, it also creates a shroud of darkness. Therefore, Jothishi enters and creates a fire inside the soul. Through this fire, the soul’s goal is to burn the cage and peek into the unseen knowledge through gaining Darshan Shastra.

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