Vedic Astrology and The Vedas: An Intermediate Guide on Hindu Astrology and The Ancient Teachings of The Vedas: Decoding The Collection of Sacred Religious Texts of Wisdom, Knowledge and Astronomy by Manjula Tara

Vedic astrology has existed for thousands of years. First, passed on orally through generations and eventually written down for all to acknowledge. Vedic astrology is a method that has been trusted by many generations to get a solid understanding of the past, present, and future. Karmic readings exist in the stars and are freely available for all who know how to read them. When you start reading into the information that is present in the skies, you start to see more about who someone is, their tendencies and traits, their skills, and their fates in many different aspects.

This is all based upon the moment of your birth. Your natal chart is made up of a reflection of the sky at the moment of your birth in the location of your birth, and that provides you with plenty of information if you choose to start looking at it. By reading the stars and the messages that they provide, much about an individual is revealed. From being able to match up spouses in a way that is auspicious to be able to see one’s luck at work, there is information spelled out above you, and this book is here to teach you how to read it.

As you read through this book, you will gain further knowledge about how to read the skies and interpret them. You will learn about the Vedas, the texts that are used to influence readings, and more.

⭐You can expect to find the following:⭐

✅ An understanding of various forms of astrology

✅ An introduction to the teachings of the Vedas, how they are written, and what they teach

✅ Information about how the Vedas are taught today and why they matter

✅ The ways that the Vedas have directly influenced Vedic astrology

✅ People that matter in the creation and continuation of Vedic astrology

✅ How to start creating your own Vedic astrology chart with the help of the internet and an ephemeris and how you can read it

✅ Ways that you can use your astrology chart to benefit yourself

✅ How to read more combinations in the charts, such as the yogas, the Nakshatras, and the various Planets combined with various constellations

✅ Information about matchmaking with Vedic astrology

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