Past Life and Pending Karmas : Vedic Astrology Book For Beginners by Jay Yadav

(mini book)

Hindu philosophy believes in rebirth. If there are any desires left during the last births then the soul takes reincarnation to fulfil those desires. Whatever good or bad situations a person faces in his life is the fruit of Karmas accumulated by him during his past incarnations. Good deeds result in auspicious events and comfortable life, bad deeds are the cause of suffering. Karma theory works as “cause and effect”. The Karmas accumulated during past births are the cause and the comforts or sufferings in the present life is the effect.

Astrology works on the principles of Karma. The horoscope is the result of the deeds of a person in the past incarnations. And the good or bad yogas in the horoscope are because of the good or bad Karmas accumulated by the person.
“Past life and pending Karmas” deals with the techniques of finding out the past life Karmas and how these Karmas will influence the present life.

The chapters in this books talks about various astrological principles and techniques for deciphering the Karmic debts:

1.Signs, Planets, and Houses.
2.Storehouse of Karma.
3.Moon’s nodes and pending Karmas.
4.Nodes in different signs and the Karmas.
5.Karmic Controllers.
6.Retrograde Planets and forgotten tasks.
7. Kaalsarpa dosha and remedies.
8. Pitra Dasha and remedies.
9.D-60 Chart and the past life.
10.Example Chart.

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