Chiron in Astrology: The Ultimate Guide to the Wounded Healer by Mari Silva

Discover Chiron and how it plays out in your life!

Have you ever noticed how specific painful patterns repeat in your life?

Have these patterns always played out the same way since you were a child?

Do you get the sense that you cannot quite forgive yourself for something?

Or do you have a feeling that you could be so much more in life, but something is holding you back?

This book will show you all about working with Chiron to uncover your deepest wounds and bring forth true healing and prosperity in all you do.

You will also:

  • Learn the meaning of Chiron’s placement on your natal chart and how it affects you.
  • Find out what Chiron can show you about your past life’s karmic debts and how to settle them.
  • How one can heal psychological and spiritual wounds.
  • Receive practical information to turn your pains and weaknesses into strengths.
  • Learn how to generate positive karma for your subsequent incarnations.
  • Discover the various placements of Chiron to help a loved one with their healing process.
  • Find your life’s purpose so you can begin to experience joy and abundance.
  • Become a master at transmuting pain and suffering into power.
  • Discover the secret of sailing through suffering with ease.

With this book as a launching pad, you can finally shed dead weight of your past, pains, weaknesses, and wounds, and attain true freedom.

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